Happy Father's Day to all of our dads out there.


Today's DYK poses the question, can you name IBCA Hall of Famers, whose fathers are also in the Hall of Fame?


While not conslusive, here are a few gems:


Kelly (Collins) Romanczuk (2018 inductee) and her brother Chris Collins (2002 inductee) joined their father Doug Collins (an original 1973 inductee).  All three were inducted as players.

Joey Meyer (2022 player inductee) and his brother Tom Meyer (2000 coach inductee) join their father Ray Meyer (1973 player inductee and 1974 coach inductee)

Kim Kreke (2020 player inductee) joined her father Paul Kreke (1998 coach inductee)

Rob Judson (1990) is the fourth member of the Judson family to be inducted into the IBCA Hall of Fame as players:  his father Phil--1979, and uncles Paul--1973 and Howard—1986).

James Capers, Sr (2019) joined his son, James Capers, Jr (2016) in the Hall of Fame as Officials inductees.



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