Today we pause from our basketball related items to remember and reflect on the tragedies that occurred 20 years ago today.  Our nation was under attack and many very brave people lost their lives in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.  Here is a first hand account of the horrific choices that needed to be made that fateful day.


About a decade ago, this author was vacationing and reserved a golf tee time at Walt Disney World.  I was placed in a group with cousins who had been NYC policemen on Sept. 11, 2001.  These men now ran a security firm there and were getting some R and R.  As we played the round they talked to me about that day from their perspectives.  My partner in the 4 some related being in the 2nd tower.  He and his best friend(both were NYC polciemen) had rushed in to help get people out.  They were midway up the tower and had people move to the 2 stairways.  He and his friend each chose a stairway and began leading their respective groups of people down to ground zero.  As they arrived at the ground, the 2nd tower came down.  He said that as they were getting away from the destruction the dirt and dust in the air made it nearly impossible to see or breathe.  (He still coughed up dust a decade later!)  Once he got to safety, he found out that his best buddy and the other group got caught in the destruction and there were no survivors.  The fragility of life and death that day rested with a simple decision of whether to go right or left.

Please take time today to remember the people who perished but also to remember and admire those who survived but risked everything to help others.  It once again reminded us all that freedom is not free of cost.   At a time when our country still has many challenges, let us all remember how it felt to pull together when we needed to!

Have a great weekend!



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