Two for one!

Do You Know that yesterday was National Mental Health Day? 

Here at the IBCA and the Basketball Museum of Illinois we want to support those athletes who are struggling with any form of mental illness.  We applaud those high profile people who have been brave enough to bring attention to the stressful situations that can be created in competitive sports.  We also want to support and applaud all of our nation's mental health professionals who work with people every day to help bring a sense of normalcy to their lives!

Do You Know that today is a holiday originally to honor Christopher Columbus who is credited with discovering the North American continent?  It is more appropriate that we celebrate the many generations of Native Americans who paved the way for our lives today.  Many of our modern activities have early origins within the Indian culture.  We also want to give a shout out to our Canadian neighbors to the north who are celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday today!  How many NBA players can you name who came to us from across our northern border? 




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