Jimmie J. Evers

Year Inducted: 1978

Category: Coaches

Schools / Organizations: Centralia High School
Stewardson High School
Warrensburg High School
Greenfield High School

Biography: Jimmie Evers is among that great group of men who have helped build Centralia’s great basketball tradition.  Evers produced a 184-71 record in 8.5 seasons as head coach of the Orphans.  Before coming to Centralia, Jimmie coached at Rector, Ark; Stewardson HS, Warrensburg, HS and Greenfield HS.  Evers has been honored several times by the Southern Illinois High School Athletic Coaches Association, Centralia High School, Southern Illinois University and Eastern Illinois University.  He served the IHSA as president from 1967-69.  He also served the NFHS as a member of the board of directors.