IBCA Hall of Fame

William Wallace

Name: William "Tom" Wallace

Year Inducted: 1978

Category: Coaches

Schools / Organizations:
St. Charles High School
Lincoln College

William “Tom” Wallace began his basketball career as the center for Washburn HS in the early 1920’s. At Monmouth College, Wallace was an all state guard for two seasons before playing professionally with the Paxton Fans for two seasons. In 1923-24 Wallace was the basketball coach and athletic director at Lincoln College. From 1925-1940, “Tom” was the basketball coach and athletic director at St. Charles HS. His 1926-27 team played in the state tournament. From 1952 until his death in 1964, Wallace was the athletic director at Batavia HS. During his playing days, “Tom” met and played with Johnny Wooden. Later, Wooden enlisted his help in scouting for the legendary coach.