Friends of Basketball


Edgar Hollis

Year Inducted: 1988

Category: Friends of Basketball

Schools / Organizations: (Petersburg) PORTA High School

Biography: When Edgar C. Hollis, age 94, died on October 1, 1987, the Petersburg community lost a true friend of basketball. Hollis was a loyal supporter of all competitive sports for more than 80 years. It is established Hollis attended more than 4,000 basketball, baseball, volleyball, football and track and field meets. Even in his final year, Hollis attended more than half of PORTA’s basketball games. Hollis also watched proudly, a grandson play basketball at Western Illinois, and a granddaughter play basketball at San Diego State and Illinois State. Hollis has the distinction of scoring the first point ever for Kankakee High School in a 1913 state track meet as a half-miler. During Ray Toland’s long tenure at PORTA High School, Toland said, “I never knew what a true and dedicated basketball fan was, until I met Edgar C. Hollis.”  With Hollis’ kind of support and friendship, PORTA’s athletic endeavors have been worthwhile.