Friends of Basketball


Barney Ranstead

Year Inducted: 1973

Category: Friends of Basketball

Biography: Barney Ranstead has been hailed by many as the number one basketball fan in the state of Illinois.  He does not follow just one team, but instead travels all over Illinois and Indiana to see as many different teams as he can.  Since 1940 (through 1973) Tom had seen over 3,000 high school basketball games.  At the time of his induction in 1973, Barney had missed only one state final since 1942—that due to injuries sustained in a car accident in 1944.  During the 1972-73 holiday season, he saw 43 high school games.  His top season was in 1968 when he saw 175 basketball games and 67 football games.  He saw as many as 10 games in one day.  His interests also include baseball as he served as a scout for the NY Mets from 1966-1973. Barney’s wife, Rose, was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Friend in 1981.  Barney Ranstead passed away on November 10, 1992.