1963-64 Cobden High School Boys’ Team

Year Inducted: 1980

Category: Teams

Schools / Organizations: Cobden High School

Biography: The Cobden High School Appleknockers were one of the most successful district teams ever to compete in the IHSA State Tournament. Only Hebron, for its size, did better in the state tourney. The Appleknockers had a record of 32 wins and only 3 losses during the 1963-64 season.   They were an unusually tall team for a small school with four of the starters over 6’6”. They ran a disciplined offense that was the talk of the tournament in 1964. Nobody associated with the Illinois Tournament will ever forget the Appleknockers, who took home the 2nd place trophy that season.

Team Members in the Picture:

Pictured (L-R): R. Peterman; C. Neal; K. Flick; K. Smith; D. Crimmins; J. Smith; B. Smith; D. Marsh; R. Rich; R. Witthoft; J. Neal; R. Clutts; R. Garner; and Coach D. Ruggles.