1956-57 Bradley University Men’s Team

Year Inducted: 1976

Category: Teams

Schools / Organizations: Bradley University

Biography: The 1957 Bradley Braves won the National Invitational Tournament held at Madison Square Garden in New York.  This team was one of the great NIT Champions and one of the finest college teams ever to represent the Midwest.  The team was blessed with great team speed, defensive ability, rebounding ability, and shooting ability.  This team was also blessed with greater depth than most other teams of this or any era.  Over ten players received national recognition before they graduated from college.  It was a truly outstanding team in all aspects.

Team Members in the Picture:

Bottom Row (left to right):  Gene Fox, Don Groves, John Myers, Roger Dunn, Gene Morse, Chuck Sedgwick, Wes Mason, Bobby Joe Mason, Curly Johnson.

Top Row (left to right):  Al Doscher, Don Carothers, Lynn Jager, Barney Cable, Gene Herberger, Dave Emerson, Joe Billy McDade, Shellie McMillon, Dick Dhabolt, Coach Charles “Ozzie” Orsborne.