McLean County Basketball Tournament (1911 - Present)
We like to thank Bill Kemp, librarian, at the McLean County Museum of History for the pictures and historical summary relating to the second oldest basketball tournament in Illinois.
cropsey high school basketball team 1938
Picture 1 - Cropsey High School after winning the 1938  McLean County Basketball Tournament.
mclean county basketball tournament 1950
Picture 2 - With a 59-39 win over the Chenoa Red Birds, the Lexington Minutemen were crowned McLean County Basketball Tournament Champs in 1950.
mclean county basketball tourney january 1959
Picture 3 - Gene Durham 22 of Saybrook-Arrowsmith High attempts a layup during the 1959 McLean County Basketball Tournament Championship game.  Octavia High in Colfax won 66-58 to capture its third consecutive title.

IMG 0755
Picture of the McLean County Tournament Trophy and a picture from an oral history recording on the McLean County Tournament taken at Illinois Wesleyan University. Left to right: Rodney Kellar,  Coach at Ridgeview, Randy Kindred HOF Media for the Pantagraph, Dennis Bridges who played for Octavia, Pete Meiss, great coach at Gridley, Eugene Jontry, who played for Chenoa and also coached at Chenoa, Don Hardin, longtime coach at Bellflower and Don Eiker, former coach at Lexington.  This picture and their stories are "one for the ages" as they all made great contributions to the second oldest tournament in Illinois.

1931 Basketball Ad

1928 Rawlings Basketball Ad

1930 Uniform Ad

1933 Wilson Ad

Porter ad 1940

 1941 Wilson Basketball Ad

In the late 1930's, the lace basketball was being replaced by the the more uniform basketball as we play with today.  It should be noted that universities and colleges were reluctant to use the new basketball.  H.V. Porter, creator of "March Madness" and Executive Director of the Illinois High School Association in the 1930's and 1940's, did more than anyone else to promote the use of the new ball nation wide. This ad is from July, 1941.

1940 Basketball Aids
This promotional ad is from 1940 and the teams pictured using new basketball health products were, Granite City (1940 state champions), Morris, Aledo and Champaign High Schools.

1941 How to clean basketball uniforms
This basketball ad is from 1941 and suggests how uniforms should be cleaned before being put into storage.

1942 ordering uniforms
This ad is from December 1942.  We were then entering our 12th month in WWII and on the home front rationing was in full effect.  This ad shows how the war was impacting how schools ordered team uniforms (excuse the football player).

1952 Basketball Shoe Ad
Imagine paying $2.98 for basketball shoes.  In 1952, that was the price for basketball shoes.

Converse Propaganda Ad
WWII Converse propaganda ad.  Read how Converse suggests how we should take care of our basketball shoes.

1937-38 Mt. Erie High School Schedule

1937 38 Mt. Erie H.S. Basketball Schedule0001

1937 38 Mt. Erie H.S. Basketball Schedule0002

 1936-37 Mt. Erie High School Schedule

1936 37 Mt. Erie H.S. Basketball Schedule0001

1936 37 Mt. Erie H.S. Basketball Schedule0002

 1934-35 Northwestern University Schedule

1934 35 Northwestern Basketball Schedule

  1934-35 Northwestern University Schedule

1935 36 Northwestern University Basketball Schedule

1939-40 Assumption High School

1939 40 Assumption H.S. Basketball Schedule00011939 40 Assumption H.S. Basketball Schedule0002

1939-40 Vandalia High School

1939 40 Vandalia H.S. Basketball Schedule2

 1943-44 Greenup Hight School Basketball Schedule

1943 44 Greenup H.S Basketball Schedule0001

1943 44 Greenup H.S Basketball Schedule0002

 1947-48 Elgin H.S. Schedule, note on the schedule that there was a federal tax on a high school basketball ticket.

1947 48 Elgin H.S. Basketball Schedule0001

1947 48 Elgin H.S. Basketball Schedule0002

Richmond High School 1909

1909 Richmond High School Boys' Basketball

Homer H.S. Girls Basketball Team 1915

1915 Homer High School Girls' Basketball

Stillman Valley High School 1912

1912 Stillman Valley High School Boys' Basketball

Toulca H.S. Girls Bsketball Team 1914

1914 Toluca High School Girls' Basketball

Lexington H.S. 1920

1920 Lexington High School Boys' Basketball

Lexington was 16-6, the Minutemen defeated Bloomington and Springfield.  The averaged 27 p.p.g. while yielding 21 p.p.g.

1922 23 Stillman Valley H.S. Team

Stillman Valley H.S. - 1922-23

1923 24 Chrisman H

Chrisman H.S. 1923-24, District Champions 22 wins 7 losses

Edwardsville H.S. Team 1924 25

Edwardsville H.S. 1924-25

 Danville H.S. Team 1925 26

Danville H.S. District Champions, 1925-26, 11 wins 9 losses.

DeKalb H.S. Team 1925 26

DeKalb H.S. 1925-26

Allerton H.S. 1938 District Champions

Allerton H.S. 1938 District Championship Team.  Allerton H.S. was located in East Central Illinois and eventually became part of A.B. L. High School.

Bath Lynchburg H.S. 1925 26

Bath-Lynchburg H.S. 1925-26.  The 'Sea Gulls" were 29-3 and were the Mason County Tourney Champions.  Their coach was L.E. Heinz.  Bath-Lynchburg had several outstanding teams in the 1920's and 1930's.

Pearl City H.S. Girls 1936

Pearl City H.S. Girls Basketball Team in 1936.  The Illinois High School Association never sponsored a girls basketball state tournament in the early 19000's.  Girls high school basketball in Illinois did exist until 1920.  From 1920 until the 1970's (Title IX) interscholastic girls competition didn't exist in Illinois.  This is why this picture is rare.  More than likely this is a club picture.

 Allerton 1951 52 2

1951-52 Allerton H.S.
Row 1 - #6-Earl Elston, #5-Merl Elston, #10-Glenn "Lefty" Rothmel, #13-Kenny Martini, #12-Roland Smith, #7-Terry McGargile, Coach Watson
Row 2 - Charles Bostwick, Bob Chandler, Herbie Miller, Bill Courson, Keith Brown, John Morris, Bob Bailey
Pictured donated to the museum by Merl and Earl Elston

Springfield St. James Trade School 1958 59
Springfield St. James Trade School
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Stockland HS 1922 23

1922-23 Stockland High School

 Stockland District Champs 1937 38

The 1937-38 Stockland High School Team.  The "Longhorns" won their only District Championship by winning the East Lynn District.  Stockland defeated the host school 42-38 in the District Championship.  We have this championship plaque and scorebook to display in our museum.

 Jamaica Team Picture

1956-57 Jamaica High School Team
(Left to right) - Mgr. Bob Miller, Bob Weller, Chuck Martin, Larry Fonner, Clint Hoag, Larry Bradfield, Fred Boyer, Coach Linsay, Don Torbit, Jim Thomas, Keith Baldwin, Joe Eakle, Buck Hepbum & Mgr. Kenny Schumberg.  
We like to note that # 34 Keith Baldwin will become a Hall of Fame Basketball Coach and had great success at Ridge Farm, Rossville and Watseka High Schools.  Keith will also serve as the President of the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association.

Carmi H.S. 1964 Regional Champions
This 1963-64 Carmi Team was 20-7 and Regional Champions defeating Mt. Vernon 43-39.  
Coaches were John McDougal and John Evers (both Hall of Famers)
Left to right - J.O. Walling, David Bratton, David Muse and David McMillan.
Back Row left to right - Paul ?, Tom Mears, ? Owen, Mike Gammel, Jim Anderson, Darrell Hankins, Wayne Ackerman, Gary Henning and Rick Mitchell.

Palestine High School 1953 54
Hall of Fame Coach John McDougal began his varsity coaching career at Palestine High School.  His 1952-53 team was 19-9 (District Champions) and his 1953-54 team was 25-4 and Eastern Illinois Conference Champions.  Palestine was one of the smallest school in this conference (Casey, Charleston, Charleston University H.S., Effingham, Marshall, Martinsville, Newton, Oblong, Paris, Robinson and St. Elmo).
Seating left to right - Wendel Ham, Larry Ramsey, Jim McNair, Paul Beason, Joe McDaniel, Raymond Hardesty, John Racop, and Don Edwards.
Standing left to right - Assistant Coach Richards, Manager D. Brunner, Jim Ramsey, Ramon Climer, Bob Lankston, Manager Bob Bowen and Head Coach John McDougal.

1961 Collinsville H.S. State Champions
In 1961, Collinsville High School became the second undefeated team to win the state championship.  We have the 1961 state championship game film for the museum.  Coach Fletcher said the Sweet Sixteen game between Collinsville and Centralia was the real state championship game.  Collinsville defeated Centralia 66-64.  To illustrate how well this game was played, each team made only one turnover.
Standing left to right: Asst. Coach, Bill Hellyer, Than Byrkit, Ron Matikitis, Joe Brennan, Harry Hildreth, Asst. Coach, Bert Weber.
Siiting, left to right: Bob Meadows, Ron Mottin, Fred Riddle, Coach Fletcher and Mark Fletcher, Bogie Redmon, Bob Basola, Bob Simpson.