Hall of Fame Items Price List (There will be an additional charge per order for shipping and handling)


Lapel Pin $8.00
Previous Program Books $10.00
Money Clip $20.00
Key Ring $20.00
Ball Cap $25.00
Hall of Fame Personnal Banners (1 x 3 and state year) $70
Hall of Fame Full Size (2 x 6 and state year) $150

(There will be an additional 3% charge for the use of credit cards.)

If you would like to purchase IBCA Hall of Fame keepsakes you can do by emailing or calling Mark Kleemann. Email address is or you may call him at 630-661-0624. All payments must be made by check and payable to the IBCA. If you are interested in a banquet program book from a particular year, Mark might be able to help you.