Friends of Basketball


Bob Beavers

Year Inducted: 2002

Category: Friends of Basketball

Schools / Organizations:
Charleston High School


 Bob Beavers initiated the Red & Gold Barbecue in 1975 and continued to oversee food preparation for the annual event through the time of his induction. The event provided supplemental funds for everything from equipment to officiating costs in order to maintain the sports programs in the Charleston community from elementary school to high school programs.  Beavers helped organize and financially underwrite the original Charleston Holiday Basketball Tournament as an eight-team event and then encouraged its expansion to a 16-team format. He served over the years as the organizer of the tournament, recruiting volunteers and making assignments and schedules. Beavers provided a Trojan Barbecue for the press room and coaches lounge.  He supported the tournament through the purchase of advertising in the tourney program and by selling advertising in the community. He also ran the Charleston Summer Baseball program for years. Beavers said of his volunteer work, “It isn’t work. I enjoy it. If I would have been getting paid for it I wouldn’t have done it.”  Bob Beavers died on Nov. 18, 2007 at the age of 83.