1951-52 Hebron High School Boys’ Team

Year Inducted: 1973

Category: Teams

Schools / Organizations: Hebron High School

Biography: The 1952 Hebron team holds a special place in Illinois basketball because it is the only high school in Illinois history that came from a District to win the State Championship.  With a record of 35-1, Hebron won the support and admiration of thousands of fans on their journey through the tournament in 1952.  They became a legend that exists to this day with the small schools in the state who aspired to reach the final weekend before the multiple class system was created.

Team Members in the Picture:

Back row (L to R): James Bergin, James Wilbrandt, Joe Schmidt, Bill Thayer, Clayton Ihrke

Front Row (L to R): Coach Russ Ahearn, Ken Spoocer, Paul Judson, Bill Schulz, Phil Judson, Don Wilbrandt