1931 Basketball Ad

1928 Rawlings Basketball Ad

1930 Uniform Ad

1933 Wilson Ad

Porter ad 1940

 1941 Wilson Basketball Ad

In the late 1930’s, the lace basketball was being replaced by the the more uniform basketball as we play with today.  It should be noted that universities and colleges were reluctant to use the new basketball.  H.V. Porter, creator of “March Madness” and Executive Director of the Illinois High School Association in the 1930’s and 1940’s, did more than anyone else to promote the use of the new ball nation wide. This ad is from July, 1941.

1940 Basketball Aids
This promotional ad is from 1940 and the teams pictured using new basketball health products were, Granite City (1940 state champions), Morris, Aledo and Champaign High Schools.

1941 How to clean basketball uniforms
This basketball ad is from 1941 and suggests how uniforms should be cleaned before being put into storage.

1942 ordering uniforms
This ad is from December 1942.  We were then entering our 12th month in WWII and on the home front rationing was in full effect.  This ad shows how the war was impacting how schools ordered team uniforms (excuse the football player).

1952 Basketball Shoe Ad
Imagine paying $2.98 for basketball shoes.  In 1952, that was the price for basketball shoes.

Converse Propaganda Ad
WWII Converse propaganda ad.  Read how Converse suggests how we should take care of our basketball shoes.