“LET ME PLAY…was my thought as I sat along the fence in the playground watching the boys’ play. The game of basketball had captured me.” – Carol Plodzien, Heron Award Winner

Ms. Plodzien’s career was becoming the first ever basketball coach at the school and leading the team to win 50 consecutive games between 1972 and 1977, 12 conference championships, 17 regional championships, and five sectional championships. Under her tutelage, the William Fremd High School men and women came to hold the best record for conference championships in the mid suburban league for both men and women. They also notably played in the Sweet Sixteen finals five times and were in the Elite Eight in 1990.

“I have coached and fought for equity in the girls and women’s game for 51 years. I’m getting a little tired. Over the years we have worked so hard to develop their abilities into capabilities. Look at how they play the game today. It has brought entertainment, success, and self-fulfillment for those involved. The fight to maintain Title IX will never end. Stand up and be strong, and, LET The Girls Play.” – Carol Plodzien