Friends of Basketball


Ralph Chism, Sr.

Year Inducted: 1990

Category: Coaches

Schools / Organizations:
Knoxville High School


Ralph CHism has certainly endeared himself to the students of Knoxville High School and the Knoxville community. At the time of his induction, he had rarely missed a Knoxville basketball game in more than 50 years. He also attended nearly all sporting events at Knoxville in those years. He served as bus driver for players and students for the previous 10 years and sold tickets for all school activities for 10 years. Mr. Chism, or “Red” as he is known to Blue Bullets athletes and students, is a pillar to them. He was always ready to offer words of encouragement and praise to them. He is no stranger to any student who had attended Knoxville High School during that span. He earned the Knoxville “K” award in 1977 and an honorary award from the Girls’ Athletic Club. In 1978, he was made an honorary member of the Knoxville Letterman’s Club. In 1980, he was presented with a special award from the coaches and athletes of Knoxville Junior High. In 1980, the Knoxville High School Jester was dedicated to Chism, an alderman for the City of Knoxville. It is no wonder he is a friend of basketball.