1943-44 Taylorville High School Boys’ Team

Year Inducted: 1973

Category: Teams

Schools / Organizations: Taylorville High School

Biography: The Taylorville Tornadoes won the 1944 State Championship.  They were the first undefeated team (45-0) in Illinois history and one of the great teams in our proud basketball heritage.  The team members were excellent students, hard working young men, who all became successful in their endeavors beyond high school.

Team Members in the Picture:

Back row (L to R): Dale Wilkinson, Mick Ganey, Dale Parrish

Middle Row (L to R):  Dean Duncan, Shultte Bishop, Fran Stahr, Dale Brown, Lindy Noren, Bob Slaybaugh, M. Wilson

Front Row (L to R): Dale Wilkinson, Mike Delaney, Dale Parrish

Left insert:  Mg. Chuck Riester                            Right insert:  Coach Dolph Stanley