Bill Larimer

Year Inducted: 1990

Category: Media

Schools / Organizations: Salem Republican  / Salem Times-Commoner / Chicago Daily Herald / Decatur Herald / St Louis Globe-Democrat

Biography: Bill Larimer began his sportswriting career for the Salem Republican in 1947 and continued there with its successor the Times-Commoner. That career began as a volunteer. Larimer’s column “Knothole News” was closely followed throughout the Salem area. Larimer also served as correspondent for the Chicago Daily News, Decatur Herald and the St Louis Globe-Democrat. One Of the highlights of Larimer’s career was the publication of the Tournament Times during the Salem Invitational Tournament. Four separate editions were written by Larimer during the first 12 years of the tournament. Larimer rarely missed a basketball game and covered it at all levels from freshman through varsity. Larimer served several years as president of the North Egypt Conference Writer’s Association. Larimer, who operated Larimer Abstract Company in Salem was inducted into the Salem Community High School Sports Hall of Fame.