Jan 9, 2023 | Blog

Leadership Academy

On November 9th, 2022, the Basketball Museum of Illinois hosted its inaugural Leadership Academy, a concept born in the museum board and brought to fruition with joint efforts from The Village of Bedford Park, Wintrust Sports Complex, and Noble Charter Schools of Chicago.

Organizers set out to give attendees an experience that would set itself apart, seeking out some of the most compelling speakers and proven training techniques to create an unprecedented workshop for the students of Chicago.

This incredible team featured Arthur Lee, former pro basketball player, leading the charge with his inspirational story, praise, and helpful advice. Mike Eger and Marty Gaughan, both leading entrepreneurs with their respective coaching and leadership enterprises, along with Ed Molitor, former coach of Texas A&M and vice president of a major recruiting firm, came in as the ultimate leadership trifecta.

These weren’t speakers droning out cliches and statistics but using a common interest in sports and successful athletes to break down and study the behavior and actions behind their prosperity. Presenters delivered comprehensive, consumable, and relevant material with real-life and present applicability.


The program also tasked students with interactive exercises that included the demonstration of setting goals, managing time, and visualizing. Each speaker introduced novel constructs in the approach to and meaning of success and leadership.

100 student-athletes attended the Leadership Academy, representing nearly every neighborhood in Chicago and all 18 Noble schools. Gathering not only for an incredible learning experience, but students also savored a day of camaraderie with their peers, surrounded by caring adults of diverse backgrounds and shared interests.

The Basketball Museum of Illinois is proud to have initiated this event and is deeply thankful to the donors, sponsors, and individuals that helped the workshop become a life-changing event.

With continued support, Leadership Academies will be held throughout each year and will grow and offer one of the best youth leadership programs in the nation.

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