Friends of Basketball


John Pocivasek

Year Inducted: 1990

Category: Friends of Basketball

Schools / Organizations:
(Ottawa) Marquette High School

Biography: John Pocivasek came to Ottawa Marquette High School in 1951-52 and coached basketball, football and baseball until 1975. He served as the athletic director during two different periods (1957-1975 and 1981 through 1990). John has a 97-91 freshman-sophomore basketball mark, including a 21-1 season (1952-53). He is remembered for filling in for Bob Strickland during the 1972-73 campaign when Strickland had a heart attack. Pocivasek directed the Marquette team to a 28-2 record. He coached Marquette’s first undefeated football team (7-0-1) in 1954. Pocivasek also coached the first modern day major league baseball player from Ottawa, Guy Hoffman.  For nearly 20 years, Pocivasek directed the Ottawa Marquette Holiday Basketball Tournament and had made many friends among players, officials and coaches in that capacity.  John Pocivasek died on March 15, 2009 at the age of 92.